5 Things You Should Bring to your Outdoor Family Photoshoot - By Geelong Family Photographer Karen Williamson.

Apart from the question 'what should we wear', one of the most asked questions from my clients is 'what should we bring along to our family photoshoot' and even though all kids and all families are really different, there are some things that I absolutely recommend that you bring along.

1.A few SNACKS - An hour is a long time for kids, and my kids seem to be asking me for snacks every 20 minutes! So bringing a long some (not-too messy) snacks is a great idea. especially if you have to travel a little way to get to the photoshoot as well. If the kids need a little break from being photographed, then popping them down with some crackers, cut up fruit or something like that is a great idea to just help them reset. You don't need a huge platter, because there is still a time limit, but I know that many kids can go into full melt down mode when they are 'hangry' and it can come on quick! A little bag with a few bites that you can bring along and walk a little with is a great idea.

2.Spare Clothes for the Kids - I know they are usually wearing something lovely for the photoshoot, so you don't need to go out and buy 2 outfits for them, but packing some spare clothes definitely can come in handy. Kids have accidents (so spare underwear is needed too), they trip and fall, they get covered in mud, and often at the end of my shoots they are also all wet from splashing around in the ocean. So even just something to get changed into for the drive home if they are all wet.

3.Wet Wipes - For those snack crumbs, muddy hands and dirty faces. I know most parents don't go too far without their wad of wipes, so most people have them anyway. But, I especially love them because it will save me a lot of time on the editing side if kids (and adults) have clean faces.

4.A couple of towels - for basically the same reason I mentioned for the spare clothes! Kids get WET and Muddy, if there is water or mud to find, they will usually find it.. and trip over into it! Also, after carrying wet kids around, you might need a towel for yourself too!

5.Ok well this doesn't apply to everyone but if you're family has a cool vintage car, likes surfing or skating or roller skating, roasting marshmallows or playing frisbee, kicking the footy or even your Fur Baby! whatever it is, feel free to let me know and bring it along. Because my main goal is to capture your family being you! Doing what you love together.

I hope this helps as you are planning your family photoshoots. If you would like to know more about my pricing and photography packages you can find that HERE or if you want to get in touch about a Family, Maternity or Newborn Photoshoot in Geelong, the Surf Coast or the Bellarine make sure you get in touch HERE