Motherhood Studio Photoshoots

I love capturing Mums and their kids in my Geelong photography studio. I promise, it's not scary! These sessions are all about you and your interaction with your baby or child. Just hanging out with them (and me too ha). They include lots of cuddles, kisses and sweet cute moments while I'm chatting and clicking. It's pretty relaxed and laid back and we just kinda go with the flow. I will definitely pull out some silly voices and toys to grab your Childs attention, I'm quite accustomed to making a fool of myself to achieve that toddler laugh! I'll give you a bit of direction, but often I find its easiest to let the kids lead the way, follow their lead and not push them too hard. The goal is to keep them happy right! Most little ones love all the attention from their Mums, and if you are sitting they often find their way back for a cuddle or a bit of attention, which is so beautiful to capture . Once they warm up to me and the new space a bit then we can get some solo photos of them, as some kids need just that little bit of extra time before being alone in front of the camera.

The images below are sweet little 5 month old Audrey and her Mum Beth who I had in the studio last week, look at those giant blue eyes! She really wanted to know what my giant camera was! She couldn't take her eyes off me, even when we were trying to get her Mum to to get her attention haha! I just love how these turned out. Both Aubrey and Beths outfits are also available in my client closet, available to use if required for studio and outdoor photoshoots.

My Motherhood or Fatherhood studio photoshoots are approximately 30-45mins long. If you would rather do the photoshoot in your home, I am more than happy to do that as well. These sessions are available for babies from 4 months and older and have a maximum of 3 children at a time due to the size of my studio space.

Get in touch today to get your shoot booked in or to just get in touch to ask me any questions: CONTACT ME