Sunset Beach Family Photoshoots on the Bellarine Peninsula

Whether your kids are 2 months old (like this lovely family featured here) or 18 years old there is something about the beach that seems to cheer most of us up. I love beach photoshoots as they are really pretty relaxed, something about the calm that you feel when you breathe in that salty air. With kids they involve running around, splashing, throwing them up and down and just having fun. There's the added bonus of getting a bit wet and having a giggle as Mum or Dad gets splashed! If you're into water sports, bring your boards, and have a paddle, I'll bring my zoom lens, I love those action shots. If you're kids like rock pools, then we can plan a time when the tide is low. Bring shovels and towels and try to take the stress out of it.

I try my best to make my family photoshoots as easy going, fun and painless as possible. I know that most people don't enjoy being in front of the camera. But, we know that the end result, having those beautiful forever memories will be absolutely worth it. But, the process doesn't have to be hard, it can actually be quite enjoyable if we plan it right!

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