5 Tips to help you get the most out of your family photoshoot!

The idea of a family photoshoot can give even the most chilled Mum some serious anxiety! But, family photoshoots don't have to be stressful, or stiff and we certainly don't need crying, upset kids and anxious parents! So, as a family photographer in Geelong, I'm going to give you some tips about how to get the most out of shoot without having the stress involved, if you are coming to do a relaxed, natural, family photoshoot with me (or a photographer like me).

1.Pick a fun location where you and your kids can play and connect with each other.

Do you have a place where you love to go as a family just to relax or have fun? The beach, or a field or park where the kids can run around and have some freedom! And then, you can join in! Because that's really what the kids want right! For Mum and Dad to race around the sand/track with them, to throw them in the air, so hold their hands and to give them big cuddles! The smiles won't be forced or fake, and I will be there, in the background capturing these gorgeous moments! Of course you can never predict when a toddler/child may be grumpy, and we all know as parents the reasons can be minuscule, but a fun location where they can play with Mum and Dad should help the kids feel relaxed and happy to have their photos taken.

2.Communicate with your partner beforehand

Make sure you are both on the same page- chances are that Mum has been looking at my website and instagram and she knows exactly what she's in for. But, and to try not to be stereotypical here, but from my experience the Dads just turn up, and sometimes not that willingly, and without putting a whole lot of thought into what they will be doing. So, before the day of the shoot, show your partner some examples of the types of pictures you would like to get. Make sure he knows he doesn't have to stand around and wait for the photographer to give him directions. Tell him he can wear something comfortable (personally I prefer a plain tee or pocket tee to a button down shirt)! And that all he has to do is run around and play with his kids! Easy right! And maybe give me a few bluesteel looks straight down the barrel of the camera for good measure ha! But, if you are both aware of the type of images you are aiming for, things are sure to go a whole lot smoother!

3.Pick the right type of clothes

Picking clothing can be one of the most stressful parts of preparing for a photoshoot! I mean, I get it! We all want to look good in these photos right! So, Mumma- pick your outfit first! Mid/full length loose fitting dresses are kind of my go too! You can jump around in them, you can bend down without revealing anything from behind! You can be relaxed and not have to worry about hiking your pants up or your top down! And usually they flow in the wind and make for gorgeous images! Then, dress everyone else to compliment your style! You don't all have to wear the same colour, some variety is nice, but neutral tones tend to photograph better - so try to stay away from black, bright red and orange and of course avoid big logos! For Men, I suggest like about just a tee or knit jumper, something casual, and not too tight either! If you feel more comfortable in a button down shirt, go for it, just make sure it fits right because those gaping holes between the button gaps are a pain in editing and they never look good. Casual chinos/jeans/shorts whatever works for you! And then for the kiddos, as long as they are comfortable and can run around! Test out to see whether their nappies/undies stick out when they bend down before the shoot in shorts or pants! We don't love to see nappies in the images right! So stretchy overalls/all ones can be a great alternative. Dresses are great for little girls, but perhaps a bloomer, or little shorties underneath so I don't have to eliminate a stack of photos because we can see their knickers!

4.Feed the kids first (and you can bring snacks)

Unfortunately sunset falls around dinner time, and we all know golden hour is the best time for a family photoshoot! So instead of postponing dinner until afterwards, feed them before! My kids get so hangry... and they seem to forget even how move when they are hungry! Let alone how to have fun.. so I get it! Fill them up! And bring a couple of (non messy and quick eating) snacks to the shoot! Some crackers or fruit a muesli bar or similar! I can snap some sweet parent only pictures whilst the kids are having a little breather!

5.Get some inspiration from Pinterest

If you aren't sure what to do in your photoshoot, or what types of activities or things look good in photographs, have a peruse of pinterest to inspire you! And then you can let me know that's the type of thing you're looking for, or you can just bust straight into those activities and I will be there to capture them! Perhaps its picking dandelions and blowing them, or swinging the kids around in the water, throwing your child into the water or floating in the sea! This shoot is about what you love! I can't promise that I can recreate exactly what you see, as everyone has different styles, but I will give you gorgeous images!

I hope this helps calm those nerves, and sets you up for a fantastic photoshoot!

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