Sitter Photoshoot - Recording Baby Milestones

I'm so excited to be offering baby sitter photoshoots in my Geelong natural light studio. Sitter sessions are for babies aged 6 months and above that can sit on their own unassisted. They can include just your baby, or Mum & Dad as well! Sitter shoots are a great way to record those sweet milestones, plus, babies at this age are soooo cute, it's definitely an age that you will want to remember. You get big smiles and chubby rolls and its just the best!

So, what is a sitter photoshoot and how does it work? It's a half an hour (because you often only get a short window of time with these little ones) where they sit/lay/roll around my natural light lifestyle studio. I sing and play peek a boo and wave my fluffy little objects around to capture their attention, and often I enlist a bit of help from the parents to help get those real genuine smiles! Its a quick, fun little photoshoot, where we all get to have a laugh. I have some gorgeous little outfits in my mini client closet if you wish to borrow them for the shoot as well.

Recently I had little Winnie in my studio, she's 9 months old, and not quite crawling yet, but she was more than happy to roll around the studio! She was giggling and having a great time and I just love the images that I was able to capture! So much personality shining through. We