Unique and Authentic Kids Portraits by Geelong Kids Photographer Karen Williamson.

Kids photoshoots don't have to be posed and stiff, in fact I prefer it if they are not. I love to capture their unique personalities, to have fun, and to get those real smiles (not the fake forced ones). I want parents to be able to look back at these photos when their kids are all grown and instantly remember that funny little wink they did, or the way they held their special toy or the just grown in or just fallen out toothy smiles, just those parts of them that are too easily forgotten because as your kids grow, they grow out of them. There is no perfect or best age for kids studio photoshoots, I love capturing kids at all ages.

My Geelong based photography studio is quiet and relaxed. Although if you let me know your kids favourite music then I will make sure I have some tunes ready to help your kids to settle in and feel comfortable in front of the camera! I'm a bit of a goof, and I'm happy to make myself look ridiculous in order to get those amazing shots and to ensure they feel comfortable with me! I'm a Mum of 3 kids myself, my youngest has just turned 6, and before becoming a Mum I spent a lot of time working with kids as well, so I feel like I'm pretty good at winning them over!

In my studio I use a seamless white paper backdrop - which means the floor and wall all look like they are blended together. The plain white backdrop means that there are no distractions. It makes for perfect artwork for your walls that matches any decor or colour schemes, and it gives your kids and their personalities time to shine! My studio has a large window with lots of natural light streaming through, and I also set up one light as a bit of an extra to get the lighting just right, but it is a continuous light not a flash (so we don't have to worry about flashes scaring the kids).

After your photoshoot I will send you a gallery of images to choose from, both in black and white and colour. And you can always add on additional images to your package if desired. There is also an option to order beautiful professional quality prints, that actually look and feel like amazing artwork, through my website!

Pricing and details about these mini studio sessions can be found HERE

And if you are ready to book in your kids for a session... CONTACT ME