Torquay Newborn Photoshoot on the Beach

The beach may not be your first thought of the perfect place to have your newborn photoshoot. But, if the beach is your happy place (like me), if its the place where you feel relaxed and it calms you down. Then it could be the perfect location for your newborn photoshoot. Even though I am based out of Geelong, I do a lot of beach shoots down the Great Ocean Road, in Torquay, Anglesea and even Kennett River (but fyi extra fees apply for travel over 30mins) . I also often go towards the Bellarine Penninsula as well, that's the beauty of being a photographer in Geelong, we have so many amazing beach locations to choose from that aren't that far away. So why not pick your favourite beach and bring your little family along for a fun and intimate family photoshoot with your new little one.

And yes, your kids may not be that keen on participating in a photoshoot (that's not unusual), but that is another benefit of being at the beach. There are so many fun things to distract them from the fact that I will be snapping away! Play in the sand, dig a hole, run around, splash in the waves, run away from the white water, play with Mum and Dad, even go for a surf if that's your style. And I am all for capturing their pure joy as they play, that's I what I love to do.

The best times of day to do these shoots are the hour before sunset. Although, for some beaches with high cliff edges it works just fine if we start a little bit earlier than that. Another great option if your family are early risers, is a Sunrise session, and that way you get the sun coming up over the Ocean which is gorgeous, plus the beach is often a bit quieter that time of the morning.

This featured shoot was with a gorgeous little family welcoming their new baby boy Addis. So, of course I was so excited when they wanted to go to one of my favourite beaches, and one that obviously has some personal meaning for them, Point Addis, (See the connection) for their newborn shoot. The photos turned out so well, and although we had some moments where it could have been touch or go with their two year old daughter, especially when she got all wet in the first 15 minutes of the shoot, we turned it into some gorgeous candid moments. One of my favourite images from the entire shoot is when Dad is wringing the water out of his daughters dress, it is the sweetest most honest little moment and I am totally here for it!

So, if you think an outdoor family photoshoot is for you, doesn't have to be the beach if that's not your scene, (see this post on another gorgeous Newborn shoot in another one of my favourite Geelong locations HERE) I would love to come along for the journey with you and capture your family, whatever it is that you love doing together. I mean, if you wanted to have horses down the beach or something, I wouldn't be mad about it! (Please.. somebody have a family photoshoot with horses down the beach... PLEEEEEAAAAASSSEEE)

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