Winter Family Photoshoots can be Amazing!

I know a lot of people tend to shy away from the idea of having a Winter Family Photoshoot, but here are some of my reasons why I actually think they are incredible.

  1. You can wear fluffy jackets and cosy knits or your favourite boots!
  2. Sunset is earlier, so shoot times start at a good time for little kids (think 4/4.30 as opposed to 7.30/8 in Summer)
  3. Fire-Pits and roasting Marshmallows are totally acceptable Photoshoot activities.
  4. It's not too hot to cuddle up together, I can even bring a blanket to wrap you up in
  5. Little ones look oh so cute all bundled up in their winter gear
  6. If you're a bit shy, then there's generally less people around
  7. We have some stunning Sunsets in Winter, but cloudy skies also look fantastic

And remember, it's only an hour outside, and you will be moving around, not sitting still getting cold.

Have I convinced you yet? If you love Winter fashion and cuddling up together, then Winter photoshoots could be for you! If the weather is looking particularly miserable for when your shoot in scheduled, don't worry, I leave flexibility in my calendar so that I can re-reschedule. I can shoot in pretty much any conditions, except for pouring rain!

Here's a couple of extra tips to make sure it all goes smoothly...

  1. Make sure the kids are WARM enough, cold kids are always grumpy. Fluffy beanies and mittens are so cute!
  2. Bring some spare clothes in case of mud/water and throw in a towel or two
  3. Don't forget to think about what shoes you are going to wear beforehand, sometimes you focus on the outfit but the shoes are an after thought, and then they can stick out like a sore thumb.

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